VIP Aristocrate Leaf File

We provide high quality VIP Aristocrat Leaf File with affordable prices.
Alfa Stationery Provide good quality document file (VIP Aristocrat Leaf File) to keep your certificates, and important documents. It contains 12 leafs which can contain 24 documents in total back to back. This Folder file is ideal for business, home, school, college and work. It also extra space for cheque book, stamp, envelope, important papers and documents. This helps to keep all your important documents and papers organized and safe. So you relax and make a great impression as this folder saves and makes the day.

⦁ Can Keep 24 Documents Or Certificates Back To Back
⦁ Separate Space For Keeping Envelopes
⦁ Separate Space For Keeping Cheque Books
⦁ Separate Space For Keeping Stamps

Contact Number : +91-9871239247

Special Note: The customer can get the product customized according to his own.


⦁ Easy to carry.
⦁ Light in Weight.
⦁ Made of High-Quality leatherette.


Made In India

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